The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan Laws we must In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Live and let live. Fairly take and fairly give. Cast the Circle thrice about To keep the evil spirits out. To bind the spell every time Let the spell be spake in rhyme. Soft of eye and light of touch, Speak little, listen much. Deosil go by the waxing moon, Chanting out the Witches' Rune. Widdershins go by the waning moon, Chanting out the baneful rune. When the Lady's moon is new, Kiss the hand to her, times two. When the moon rides at her peak, Then your heart's desire seek, Heed the North wind's mighty gale, Lock the door and drop the sail. When the wind comes from the South, Love will kiss thee on the mouth. When the wind blows from the West, Departed souls will have no rest. When the wind blows from the East, Expect the new and set the feast. Nine woods in the cauldron go, Burn them fast and burn them slow. Elder be the Lady's tree, Burn it not or cursed you'll be. When the Wheel begins to turn, Let the Beltane fires burn. When the Wheel has turned to Yule, Light the log and the Horned One rules. Heed ye Flower, Bush and Tree, By the Lady, blessed be. Where the rippling waters go, Cast a stone and truth you'll know. When ye have a true need, Hearken not to others' greed. With a fool no season spend, Lest ye be counted as his friend. Merry meet and merry part, Bright the cheeks and warm the heart. Mind the Threefold Law you should, Three times bad and three times good. When misfortune is enow, Wear the blue star on thy brow. True in Love ever be, Lest thy lover's false to thee. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An ye harm none, do what ye will.
- Blessed Be -
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick look at this...

Dell Inspiron 10.1" Netbook with Windows 7 Starter, Carrying Case, & USB Flash Drive Bundle

 (Click Here)

An Abbott and Costello routine

Those with a "Short Attention" span here is a "Short" Video....

(Click here) 

Or simply enjoy Both....

ABBOTT: I see you're here for your Hebrew lesson.
COSTELLO: I'm ready to learn.
A: Now, the first thing you must understand is that Hebrew and English have many words which sound alike, but they do not mean the same thing.
C: Sure, I understand.
A: Now, don't be too quick to say that.
C: How stupid do you think I am - don't answer that. It's simple - some words in Hebrew sound like words in English, but they don't mean the same.
A: Precisely.
C: We have that word in English, too. What does it mean in Hebrew?
A: No, no. Precisely is an English word.
C: I didn't come here to learn English, I came to learn Hebrew. So make with the Hebrew.
A: Fine. Let's start with mee.
C: You.
A: No, mee.
C: Fine, we'll start with you.
A: No, we'll start with mee.
C: Okay, have it your way.
A: Now, mee is who.
C: You is Abbott.
A: No, no, no. Mee is who.
C: You is Abbott.
A: You don't understand.
C: I don't understand? Did you just say me is who?
A: Yes I did. Mee is who.
C: You is Abbott.
A: No, you misunderstand what I am saying. Tell me about mee.
C: Well, you're a nice enough guy.
A: No, no. Tell me about mee!
C: Who?
A: Precisely.
C: Precisely what?
A: Precisely who.
C: It's precisely whom!
A: No, mee is who.
C: Don't start that again - go on to something else.
A: All right. Hu is he.
C: Who is he?
A: Yes.
C: I don't know. Who is he?
A: Sure you do. You just said it.
C: I just said what?
A: Hu is he.
C: Who is he?
A: Precisely.
C: Again with the precisely! Precisely who?
A: No, precisely he.
C: Precisely he? Who is he?
A: Precisely!
C: And what about me?
A: Who.
C: me, me, me!
A: Who, who, who!
C: What are you, an owl? Me! Who is me?
A: No, hu is he!
C: I don't know, maybe he is me!
A: No, hee is she!
C: (STARE AT ABBOTT) Do his parents know about this?
A: About what?
C: About her!
A: What about her?
C: That she is he!
A: No, you've got it wrong - hee is she!
C: Then who is he?
A: Precisely!
C: Who?
A: He!
C: Me?
A: Who!
C: He?
A: She!
C: Who is she?
A: No, hu is he.
C: I don't care who is he, I want to know who is she?
A: No, that's not right.
C: How can it not be right? I said it. I was standing here when I said it, and I know me.
A: Who.
C: Who?
A: Precisely!
C: Me! Me is that he you are talking about! He is me!
A: No, hee is she!
C: Wait a Minute, wait a minute! I'm trying to learn a little Hebrew, and now I can't even speak English. Let me review.
A: Go ahead.
C: Now first You want to know me is who.
A: Correct.
C: And then you say who is he.
A: Absolutely.
C: And then you tell me he is she.
A & C: Precisely!
C: Now look at this logically. If me is who, and who is he, and he is she, don't it stand to reason that me is she?
A: Who?
C: She!
A: That is he!
C: Who is he?
A & C: Precisely!
C: I have just about had it. You have me confused I want to go home. You know what I want? Ma!
A: What.
C: I said Ma.
A: What.
C: What are you, deaf? I want Ma!
A: What!
C: Not what, who!
A: He!
C: Not he! Ma is not he!
A: Of course not! Hu is he!
C: I don't know. I don't know. I don't care. I don't care who is he, he is she, me is who, ma is what. I just want to go home now and play with my dog.
A: Fish.
C: Fish?
A: Dag is fish.
C: That's all, I'm outa here.
 I'm outa here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Goodbye to Camfrog

Just a quick note I have decided to make a departure from the Camfrog community to pursue my other interest and hobbies, to all of you there farewell. I will be moving on here shortly anyway. Goodbye

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leather bags

Sean shares an great idea for getting and making leather bags. Thanks Sean.


Just saying "Hi" to MJ...

Listen for the Battle Cry! - Updated

HP Slate vs. Apple iPad... Full story here...
Now that the iPad is finally out and seems to be raking both positive and negative reactions from those who bought it, HP suddenly becomes active about its would-be iPad rival - HP Slate. I love this commercial.

Words are starting to circulate that HP is soon launching the HP Slate. And guess what its battle cry will be? – everything that the iPad doesn’t have, the HP slate has.

The base version of the HP Slate will retail for $549, which includes 32 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, a 1.6 GHz Atom processor, and an 8.9-inch multitouch screen at 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. A 64 GB configuration will be available for $599.


SDHC card slot
USB port
two cameras (one external 3-megapixel and one front-facing VGA for videoconferencing usage)
1080p video playback
a dock connector for power
HDMI out to your TV
SIM card slot for optional 3G connectivity
Running Windows 7 Home Premium with custom HP touch-optimized user interface.
5 hours battery life

Comparing the iPad with a NetBook....

Okay now the the iPad is out let's compare it with a Netbook....  Thanks CNET.

Bottom Line...
It’s only when we got to our JavaScript test that the Netbook showed its real advantage. When it comes to performing tasks not specifically designed for its hardware and operating system, the iPad is no match for even a $299 entry-level Netbook.

Lean and Light wilderness kit

I stumbled across this and wanted to share it Thanks Chris.

by Chris Kearney
(Geneva, OH, US)
Great posts by all I've read. I wanted to contribute as well with my mini-kit for ultra light and fast camping/survival. I'll try to be concise but thorough.

I've selected items based on the following criteria;

1) it must be packable
2) it must be light
3) it must be necessary
4) it must multi-task

Container - I use a Fox Outdoor MOLLE-compliant SAW ammo pouch. It hangs from a belt and at 4x8 inches, it's very portable.

Shelter - nylon poncho and a space blanket (signaling device, solar still).

Fire - Bic lighter, cotton ball, chapstick (lighter will last for months, and if it gets wet, blow on it, and it will fire up. Wax or petroleum coated cottonballs will help in muggy climates.

Water - I pack all my small items in a bandana (sling mud, filter) and drop them all inside a stainless steel water bottle. It can be heated over a fire to boil water. I also carry iodine tablets and taste neutralizer (although I hear there is a better all-in-one tablet now).

Food - heavy test fishing line and hooks (for fishing, snares, and emergency sutures) There is also room in the ammo pouch for a Mountain House single serving dehydrated meal and a candy bar.

Knife - 2 inches straight blade folder. No multitool; no matter how small or cool it looks in the store, I've never needed a nail file or nut driver in the wilderness.

Wire Saw - great for cutting small limbs for bedding or posts for an elevated platform. The finger rings make excellent "slips" for snares.

Light - I carry a penlight with a red lens. It maintains night vision but lets me find my essentials if an emergency happens in total darkness.

Notepad and pencil - paper burns well, make notes/maps when you find resources (water springs, fishing holes, edible plant patches), and it occupies time by writing your will.

Paracord - 20 feet of this stuff is a 1 ounce miracle worker for heavier traps and shelter building. Yes, you could braid your own cordage...but...why?

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